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          HuiRu Spinning technology Committed to the development and manufacture of spinning equipment, technology and products

          Three-piece spinning wheel

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          Safe and stable, good quality

          The front and rear sheets are made of Aeronautical super-strength aluminium alloy, by means of powerful NC spinning machine and variable cross-section strong spinning technology, and by heat treatment T6 after finishing. The middle slice is made of forging and rough finishing.
          Personalized three-piece combination knot; high strength, energy saving and environmental protection, with high safety and handling.
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          The wheel range includes "super-running", racing cars, urban SUVs, cars and many other models.

          Our advantage

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          More than 10 years of development, first-class spinning equipment and high-efficiency products with independent intellectual property rights

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          Shanghai Huiru Spinning Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint entity that integrates national scientific research, professional design and manufacture, installation and commissioning, professional training and promotion of various types of CNC spinning technology, equipment and spinning products. In the spirit of "Ten Years of Grinding a Sword", after 16 years of continuous improvement, our advanced spinning technology and equipment have been matured in production practice in many fields at home and abroad...